The Perfect White Tee
Lauren ATM

The Quest to Construct the Perfect White Tee

The Perfect White Tee

We know it when we see it: balanced, forgiving and versatile. ATM’s perfect white tee looks absolutely effortless, yet behind the scenes, our fit sessions can take hours as we review every single detail. When Anthony founded the brand after years of working in fashion, his mission was to create the perfect white tee that he couldn’t find in stores. His quest began with sourcing the softest imaginable fabrics, and then finding a way to make sublimely cozy clothes look sophisticated.  

All of our chic essentials accomplish this goal, but the perfect white tee is our signature achievement. Comfortable, versatile and timelessly elegant, it begins with ATM’s proprietary, Peruvian-sourced fabrics and then our team steps in to create the ideal fit. No detail is too small to consider, from the size of the thread we use to the number of stitches per inch. Once a sample is completed, we gather together to evaluate it. Does the fabric feel sleek and luxurious? Do the seams and the sleeves hit in just the right place? Are the proportions correct? 

This might sound like a lot work to put into a simple shirt, but at ATM, the perfect white tee is so much more than the sum of its parts. Once all of the elements are in balance, it transforms and becomes iconic. This is exactly what Anthony had hoped for when he started his company. He wanted to offer his customers beautifully crafted clothes that looked deceptively effortless. Classic and sexy, the Perfect White Tee is the ideal building block. It’s the foundation of ATM’s story, and the cornerstone of an elevated wardrobe.